Saturday, July 30, 2011

because summer makes people happy.

all i have to say is that sublime knew what they were talking about when they said,
summertime and the livin's easy.

bbqs. u2. hiking zions. friends. family. fat kids favorite--sugar factory. sunshine. summer of dreams 2011. oh, good news minute: liddles is coming up to provs for a visit and some efy. i love my little bro.

facebook-like-button thumbs up for family time.

and good news minute number two: less than two weeks until i am reunited with one of provo and texas' finest. to whom i am referring? please see the glamour shot below. i am counting down the minutes until i can make sprinkled donut runs to sunshine donuts at 4 am with nik. aka new york nik. aka little meat. aka meat. what does nom mean? i felt it was only appropriate to include this model shot. what doing?

and ps, i know i'm about 4 years late on this one, but friday night lights? tim riggins? yeah. if you have yet to experience this incredible tv series i suggest you do it right now. i get the chills every episode. it's on netflix instant play. i've just been FNLing it for pretty much every night this past week and it's absolutely incredible. clear eyes, full hearts...can't loose.


  1. oh maris..i started watching friday night lights last week tooo via netflix...ok twin. tim riggins yes please!