Sunday, February 13, 2011

because i love nature.

there are two real great things occurring in my life right now: jimmer fredette and netflix instant play. there is no need to elaborate on the first mentioned, just ask google, espn, twitter, facebook, nbc, or the biggest cougar fan you will ever meet in your entire life; justin hicken.  but the second, well, what in the world?! absolutely incredible. i wish i would have known about this gem of resource sooner. i kind of feel like the time back in 2001 when everyone was getting high speed internet but the hicken family was still on stone age dial up, and then finally i convinced my dad to get dsl so my aim chickenhicken35 chats could be more efficient. once we got it, the greatness of life was increased tenfold. with that being said, i guess you could say that the greatness of my life has been increased tenfold because of netflix instant play.

so a few nights ago i was just instaplaying around on the flix and decided to watch a documentary. a good friend had recommended 180 Degrees South to me awhile back and i finally decided to watch it. now i've never really considered myself a die-hard environmentalist who only eats, sleeps, and breathes organically. But, i mean, i've always loved a good granola bar every once in awhile, and i thoroughly enjoy kirkland signature trail mix (the ratio of 2 m&m's + 1 almond is incredible). i just have to say that this movie was absolutely mind blowing. you just have to watch it to experience the thrill for yourself. after watching it all i wanted to do was get in a boat and sail down to south america and climb patagonia. i realized that we really have been blessed with an exquisitely beautiful earth, and that there is so much of this world to experience. i keep telling myself that now is the time to do it. so i need to stop making excuses because it's not like i'm going to have more free time 2 years from now. and extra cash isn't just going to magically appear. i need to set aside the certain limitations that will prevent me and just go. right? please watch this movie and you will agree 100%.

in the mean time, here is some nature loving i've been experiencing lately......

i love being a park city instructor and wearing my fire engine red uniform everyday.

shut up and shred 4L.


  1. I am loving this! I read the Justin Hicken part to Cason and we both laughed together. I also love how my name is beat on the side of your blog. I miss you! And your hugs!!!! I'll never forget a marissa Hicken hug. Keep updating!!!

  2. Hey. So, you can add me to your friends. Also, remember when we took emily snowboarding? Ha fun times

  3. psh! mariss! you have a blog! so excited!

  4. this post is great, especially the second sentence!