Tuesday, January 11, 2011

because, i mean, let's be honest, this day was eventually going to come.

for sunny.

so i guess it's one of those things where you either get engaged or you get married or you have a baby or you have a real creative nitche with blogging and so you start a blog. unfortunately, neither of the aforementioned items are applicable to me. nonetheless, i feel that being an official college grade has come with not only a diploma, but also a monopoly style community chest card that instead of reading "you have won second place in a beauty contest collect $10," it says "marissa start a blog." just to preface, this blog will be periodic updates, or costco samples of my life. seeing as how everyone loves a good costco sample, i really don't think i can go wrong. so come back as much as you want. take as many samples as you want--you don't even need to lie to and say this sample is for your brother.


  1. oh i am so happy about this. my heart is full of joy. Thank you for the costco sample.

  2. thank you. i enjoyed it thoroughly. and look how cute your blog is, you're putting me to shame here.

  3. Where do I even begin? First off, I am disappointed that I did not get the mass text message announcing your blog. Second, I think it is time for you to come home. And third, I knew you were always a blogger at heart. Love you and so excited you are on here!! :)